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Learning Centre Team

Broadway Campus
Alex Alex
Alex is an English tutor working at the Broadway Learning Centre. After university studies in Architecture and Italian, she lived in Rome, Italy, completed the CELTA certification and started a career in English teaching. This was followed by a stint in China, before coming to live in Vancouver. Alex is excited about working with VCC students and helping them achieve their goals.
Darren Darren
Darren is a math/science tutor. He has a Bachelor of Mathematics degree from the University of Waterloo. He is happy to work with students towards better understanding of all math disciplines at VCC, as well as physics and chemistry. He enjoys puzzles and games: he won second place for individual score at the first World Puzzle Team Championships in 1993, and has had a book of word puzzles published.
Gordon Gordon
Gordon is a math/science tutor. Remember that this is life, not heaven, you don't have to be perfect. You make mistakes and learn from them.
Kari Kari
Kari is an English/ESL Tutor at the Broadway Learning Centre. She has completed her bachelor's degree, TESOL Diploma and Provincial Instructor Diploma. During her 16 year career as an ESL instructor and tutor, she has enjoyed helping students feel more comfortable and confident with their English skills. She is the published author of three bilingual books about everyday life and culture for newcomers to Vancouver: My New Life in Vancouver (Mandarin/English, published in Canada 2017), Vancouver 365 (Mandarin/English, published in China 2018) and Everyday Vancouver (Korean/English, to be published in 2019).
Rachel Rachel
Rachel tutors life sciences at the Broadway campus. At McMaster University, she completed her BSc and MSc degrees in Biochemistry with emphasis on Astrobiology and life's origins. She is enthusiastic about health, fitness and nutrition, and helping students learn about the life sciences. She enjoys long runs and good books.
Michael Michael
Michael has been tutoring English in the Broadway Learning Centre for 22 years. He enjoys his job. He really likes talking to students about things like seasons and festivals or cultures and languages. In his free time, he usually reads, especially about languages.
Veronica Veronica
Veronica is an English tutor at Broadway campus. She has a BA from UBC and a TESL Certificate from VCC. She has lots of experience in the VCC Learning Centres, and she enjoys helping students with their writing assignments, English questions, or language skills.
Downtown Campus
Allan Allan
Allan is a Vancouver-born, long-time EAL teacher with teaching and tutoring experience in both Japan and Canada. He also is an internationally-published freelance journalist who specializes in interviewing musicians and filmmakers. He has been published everywhere from the Georgia Straight in Vancouver to Germany's Ox Fanzine to Japan's Eat Magazine (and many, many other magazines, fanzines, and papers).
Andy Andy
Andy has a Bachelor of Business Administration from SFU with concentrations in Finance and Accounting as well as a minor in Philosophy. He has four years of teaching and two years of investment banking experience prior to joining the Learning Centre at VCC in 2020. In addition, he is a recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for his volunteerism. In his free time, he enjoys learning to write computer programs and live streaming himself playing video games.
Allyson Allyson
Allyson is an English tutor at both the Downtown and Broadway Learning Centres. She has over 25 years of experience as an EAL classroom teacher, teacher trainer and tutor. She loves the customized interactions with the people coming in to the VCC Learning Centre. In her spare time, she paddles her canoe on rivers, bikes around the city, attends music, dance and art events, fixes things, reads, and watches movies with her husband.
Learning Centre Coordinator
Emily Emily
Emily supervises the Broadway and Downtown Learning Centres and teaches in-class resume/cover letter and study skills workshops across the College. Her background is in chemistry (PhD from UBC). After realizing her passion for working with adult learners, she joined the Learning Centre in 2010. She has also worked as a chemistry instructor at VCC and completed the Provincial Instructor Diploma in 2016. She loves the diversity of programs and students at VCC. In her spare time (outside of parenting), she loves cooking, movies, books and hiking.