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Math for Baking




LibGuides (VCC) Baking and pastry arts MATH resources on the web and at the VCC Library
Baker's Percentage (kingarthurflour) The baker's percentage explained; different uses of it for determining formula weights
Pastry Chef Online Includes some basic pastry glossary terms, explanation of ingredient functions, mixing methods, basic recipes
Food cost management A review of food cost management and common problems that result in poor food cost.

Professional Baker's Recipe Template

This is a very helpful Professional Baker's Recipe Template which is easy to scale. There is also an instructional video which details how to use the recipe template.


LibGuides (VCC) Culinary arts MATH resources on the web and at the VCC Library
Restaurant Boss Video on food costing in a restaurant and how to calculate food cost percentage.
Chefs World A series of calculators that every chef needs: recipe cost, true cost, selling price, and how much to order. Other helpful links on working as a chef in the industry.
Food costing O'Dell Restaurant Consulting blog article on food costing. Other relevant articles like menu pricing, lowering food costs, and menu changes.