Appointment Help

All our tutoring and academic coaching is available by appointment through our online appointment system, WCOnline. You can choose if you would like to meet face-to-face on campus or meet online. Workshops will be available face-to-face or online depending on the workshop. Please see our events calendar for more information.

For help using WCOnline, you can watch our how-to-videos below or download our getting started guide Signing Up for Online or Face-to-Face Appointments with Learning Centre Tutors.

If you are a current student and having difficulty logging in to WCOnline, it is either because you have not entered your login correctly or because you have missed 3 appointments (see image below). If you can’t recall your password, follow the steps to reset your VCC password and wait 15 minutes. If you account has been deactivated, please email the Learning Centre Coordinator.

Figure 1: Check student ID number and password. Reset password if needed. Figure 2: Your have missed 3 or more appointments and your account is currently deactivated (blocked).