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Presentation Skills

Giving a great presentation is an important skill that you will be able to use in both your courses and on the job. The Learning Centre can help you improve your presentation skills to engage your audience and provide a clear, impactful message with effective visuals. You can:

  • Practice a presentation with an English tutor (or the Life Sciences tutor for health sciences courses)
  • Attend a presentation skills workshop [insert link to workshop calendar]
  • Use our resources below:



How to Deliver an Effective Presentation (video)
Strategies for giving an effective presentation by Algonquin College Library (2 min video)
Presentation Skills Tutorial
Algonquin College Library’s tutorial on how to create and preparing a presentation, handle presentation anxiety and deliver a presentation.
Digital Skills for Presentations
The Learning Portal’s tutorial for presentation skills includes a great overview of different tools for presenting. Click the “tools” tab.
PowerPoint “Rehearse with Coach”
Use AI feedback in PowerPoint online to improve your presentation skills.