EAL Listening/Speaking



Excellent free practice from beginner to advanced levels with daily news, conversation, vocabulary, speaking and listening.
ESL Lounge
Practice listening by choosing from 5 levels of difficulty in North American or British English.
Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab
Do quizzes, practice listening and learn vocabulary at Easy, Intermediate or Difficult levels
English Language Listening Library Online
Listening lesson library for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced on a variety of topics in different accents.
Rachel's English
Focusing on American English pronunciation, Rachel’s videos are fun and easy to use.
Learn how to pronounce a word in context with many results to view and listen to from YouTube
Minimal Pairs
Listen and learn to minimal pairs contrast vowel and consonant sounds.
Breaking News English
Uses real news stories to help you improve your reading, grammar, vocabulary and listening.
Real English
Watch short videos at Beginner or Intermediate Level and answer comprehension and grammar questions