Study Skills

Many students prepare for exams by re-reading textbooks or notes even though this is one of the least effective study strategies to use. That’s because most students never have a class on how to learn. Using evidence-based approaches to studying can make a huge difference in your learning success, whether drawing from cognitive science research or traditional wisdom such as First Peoples Principles of Learning.  Mindset about learning, time management, note-taking, active reading, study strategies, test-preparation and test-taking are all study skills we can help you with. You can:

  • make an academic coaching appointment with the Learning Centre coordinator to work in a supportive 1:1 session
  • attend a learning strategies workshops
  • use our resources below



VCC’s Online Learning Orientation
Get oriented to learning at VCC with helpful how-to videos, study strategies, links to student services and more.
9 Best Study Tips (video)
Learn how to study smarter based on brain research (3 min 25 sec)
Read Your Textbook and Remember (video)
Learn about SQ3R for active reading and better recall (4 min 30 sec)
Time Management (video)
Create a weekly schedule with regular, distributed study time (4 min 40 sec)
Assignment Calculator
University of Toronto's online assignment calculator breaks projects and papers into manageable steps to meet deadlines.
Managing Test Anxiety
This fantastic resource can help you understand test anxiety and manage it with effective strategies.